Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grace Haven: Days 27 - 28

Since I was down to only $3 in Household Funds, I went out fishing for Deathfish Friday before dawn,

and managed to catch three.

Once the Deathfish disappeared at 5:00 a.m., I changed fishing spots to in front of the Science Facility,

and caught several Vampire Fish, Robot Fish, and other fish.

I sold them all at the grocery,

for nearly $5,000.

I spun a wish to buy a handiness book,

so I did the same trick I'd thought up before with respect to the "Buy a Cooking Book" wish--I bought the cheapest volume from the bookstore and immediately sold it back to the bookstore, "used".

So, for $2, I reaped 250 Lifetime Happiness points.

I returned home and harvested my garden.

My slowpoke watermelon vine finally reached Very Nice quality. This is agonizing! This is a Level 5 plant, and I've got Level 7 plants--that I planted days later--that are way ahead of the watermelon.

I decided to surrender a Perfect Angelfish to fertilize the dratted thing, hoping to speed it along.

Since I had not much else to do--my final Goal in the GAC Challenge was to achieve the Perfect Garden and, except for basic garden-tending and savvy fertilizing, there was nothing for me to do but wait--I turned my attention to building my house.

I had a contractor construct and enclose a bedroom and a bath, and a second bedroom and bath (for my first baby, I hope!), and I moved my bed/bath furnishings inside and moved my kitchen equipment against a rear wall I'd had built.

I tried out my new, private bathroom (I was just sitting there reading the paper, because I still don't have an armchair!), and then went to sleep in my new, private bedroom.

While asleep, though, I suffered from a negative moodlet--which almost never happens to me--because the floors in my 2 new rooms were unfinished.

So, I woke up briefly, made a call to the contractor, and had him remedy this. I slept right through it all--I was sooo tired.

I just love gray--don't you think it's the most elegant color? (I guess I should remember to ask Jon what his favorite color is.)

I woke up again before dawn and went fishing for Deathfish, and caught several, plus a few Vampire Fish and other fish.

I spun a wish to see a ghost,

so I climbed the hill from my fishing spot to the graveyard.

It wasn't too scary, and it was certainly worth 600 Lifetime Happiness points.

I found a couple of seeds while I was there,

and even found a Death Fruit plant that, to my surprise, I was able to harvest.

I caught some butterflies,

and beetles,

and, once I'd spun a wish to find a rock,

I found not one but two Luminorious Gems!

I went to the grocery and sold lots of stuff,

for $4,669.

Since I still had a lot of energy, I resumed fishing in front of the Science Facility,

caught lots of fish, did a long cast across the river,

and caught even more. I went back to the grocery, and sold this latest catch for $2,451.

This brought my Household Funds to $7,149, and I left instructions with the contractor while I caught up on my sleep.

My kitchen could now be enclosed, and a dining/family area constructed and enclosed as well. I also bought a dining table and 2 chairs (just in case I can get Jon here for dinner!).

I just love the idea of a "family room"--it sounds so hopeful!

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, when Grace works hard at fishing--but her garden isn't working as hard as she is. She adds a couple more rooms and more furnishings to her small house, and finally invites her patient fiance, Jon Lessen, over for dinner.

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  1. Great job on getting the house built so fast. The watermelon certainly are a pain and do take far longer than other plants to mature and produce fruit to start the next generation with. Perhaps she should try a different plant if she's able to?