Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grace Haven: Day 13

I awoke Friday afternoon with an easily satisfied wish to garden,

so quickly earned another 350 Lifetime Happiness points.

I also had a wish to bathe,

which I satisfied by taking a shower.

My Excellent apple tree still hadn't produced any Outstanding apples,

which wasn't helping me with my wish to grow a perfect apple tree, which wish was worth a whopping 2,250 points.

So, I decided to fertilize the tree with Angelfish, hoping to speed things up.

My Excellent tomato plant had produced Outstanding tomatoes (yay!), so I ripped it out and planted one of the harvested tomatoes in its place.

I had a wish to catch a 50 kilogram fish,

and a glance at my Fishing skill journal showed me that a Robot Fish was my likely quarry.

So, I headed to the Science Facility (which I think is the only place in Riverview that one can catch a Robot Fish),

and used Piranha as bait.

In no time at all I had caught a big one--

whose weight far exceeded the wish's requirement--over 596 kilograms!

I had also been carrying around a wish to catch 25 Red Herring,

which I finally satisfied tonight.

Conveniently, I spun a wish to catch a 100 kilogram fish--piece of cake!

I quickly caught another Robot Fish, and this one weighed more than 693 kilograms.

I had nearly 17,000 points--I'll have that Super Green Thumb reward in no time!

I decided that was enough fishing for the night, because I really had to focus on learning the Cooking skill.

So, I went to the library and learned how to make Cookies,

and then read Cooking: Volume 2,

and got my Cooking skill up to Level 4.

I was tired, so headed for home, stopping briefly at the grocery to sell my two Robot Fish.

I had a wish to buy a stove worth at least $450,

but I want a much nicer stove than that--the one I want costs at least 3 times that amount. Even if I sold all the produce and fish in my inventory I still wouldn't have enough money,

so I tabled that wish for a while.

I was home in bed before 9 a.m.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, when Grace completes two more Goals!

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