Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grace Haven: Day 15

I woke up Sunday with severe Social needs, so called Jon Lessen to talk.

He asked if he could see me. I told him I had a lot of work to do to complete the GAC Challenge, but that if he wanted to drop by the library later when I was there, that would be okay. Just from hearing his voice, and knowing he wanted to see me, my Social was restored.

I guess I'm not sure why a hot lead guitarist would be interested in me. He must have women chasing him all the time! I mean, I've never heard of Mercy Hellhole (and I don't even know what kind of music they play), but people must like it, because Jon seems to be rich (from what I've heard).

I tended my garden, and discovered that my Excellent grapevine had finally produced some Outstanding grapes.

So, I replaced it with some of the harvest, and found that the Super Green Thumb reward I had finally purchased the previous day came in handy--the new grapevine was of Perfect quality!

Remembering both my wish to buy a new stove,

and the fact that I finally had enough money to afford the stove I wanted,

I bought it in exactly the color and finish I wanted (of course, it was gray!). It sure looked nice next to my other kitchen stuff,

even though I now had almost no money left.

"I could sure use an armchair," I thought, as I was reading the paper on the toilet.

As I'd told Jon, I went to the library to continue to study Cooking.

Jon came by, as promised,

and a couple of kisses from him really improved my mood. (I think we scandalized some of the other library visitors though!)

I asked Jon if he could ever be serious about me. He responded that he was serious now. I told him I wanted to get married and have children (as soon as I was done with the Challenge, that is).

He told me he wanted the same thing. I asked why a cute, nice, rich guy would settle for someone like me--I'm not glamorous, or successful, and I've got $17 to my name. He told me that looks aren't everything. And then he laughed, "Grace," he explained, "I've met lots of great-looking women with ugly personalities. You are beautiful on the inside. And on the outside," he added, "if you'd only give yourself a chance."

He continued. "And I'm not as young as you think I am, and I'm not getting any younger. I want a wife and a family before I get too old."

Suddenly, impetuously, I asked him to marry me.

And he said yes!

I made it clear to him, though, that I couldn't get married until I finished the Challenge. He said he understood, but added, "Then I hope you'll be okay with marrying a really old guy!"

Jon left, and I resumed my study, and got to Cooking Level 5.

I read for a few more hours, but had to go home to sleep before I reached Level 6.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, when Grace comes up with a clever idea for increasing her Lifetime Happiness points, and buys another reward.

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