Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grace Haven: Day 8

I awoke at noon on Sunday. On one hand, Gardenia has advised me to try to stick to an early morning schedule for purposes of fishing and gardening, but she has also been quite forgiving as she realizes that I need to be out and about during normal day-to-evening hours in order to find a good prospect for a husband.

I received a confusing wish--to water my plants. The wish claimed that my plants were thirsty, which was demonstrably not true, since my sprinkler runs 24 hours a day.

I shrugged, turned off my sprinkler, and went to the gym to shower and use the toilet.

When I was done, I climbed the stairs to see if there were any eligible guys. I introduced myself to Billy Caspian,

who was Artistic, a Slob, and Inappropriate.

I think not!

I returned home to harvest my garden,

and upgraded and fertilized a couple of my plants.

Given all the unacceptable men I've met in the last few days, I thought I should give Jon Lessen a call, just to keep myself on his radar. (As a lead guitarist, he probably meets loads of women.)

We chatted for a while, and I thought he would probably accept if I invited him over, but a girl who doesn't own a toilet has no business inviting a guy over to her lot!

I told him that I had to go to the library to read to work on my Challenge requirements, but that it would be nice to see him, if only for a short while. I asked if he'd like to meet me there,

and he said yes.

When I reached the library, I was halfway up the front stairs before I realized Jon was behind me. (Why is everyone I know always hungry???)

We spoke for a while and, though I learned nothing new about him (I'm just crazy to find out his fifth trait!), I summoned my nerve to give him a friendly hug goodbye. It was kind of thrilling, for me at least....

I went inside and tried to concentrate on my reading, and reached Cooking Level 2,

and then Cooking Level 3 a little after 3:00 Monday morning.

I wandered into the computer room (where I'd previously met that neurotic nutjob, Hunter Cottoneye), and, since I'd spun a wish to buy another recipe,

I investigated whether joining the Book Club would allow me to buy recipes. Sadly, the answer was "no"--the Book Club sends its subscribers only random books, and not items of the subscriber's choosing.

So, I went to the grocery, and sold my extra produce and fish,

then went to the bookstore and bought another recipe, for Fish and Chips.

Once again, I went to bed very late.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, when Grace satisfies lots of wishes, meets more weird people, and closes in on the Amateur Ichthyologist sub-challenge.


  1. So did Grace join the book club or not? I've only had one sim join that in the past, and she mostly got fiction books in the mail before she somehow got un-joined. Would be interesting to see if it ever did randomly send a recipe. Certainly not something you could rely on as a source of recipes for the challenge though.

  2. She didn't join the Book Club while she was doing the GAC Challenge, because I didn't want her to be distracted from reaching the Goals by receiving random books in the mail (which would probably mean that she'd spin a wish to read them).

  3. Ah, that makes sense. It probably would have been a distraction for her.