Saturday, August 22, 2009

Grace Haven: Day 18

I got up early Wednesday morning, severely depleted in both Hunger and Social.

Hunger was easy to remedy, but not Social--it was too early to call Jon (I think he'd said he had a concert in the park at noon today, so he was probably asleep). I went to the community garden on the off chance that there might be some fellow night-owl gardeners there.

But, though I got quite a good harvest, there were no other people there. So, I returned home and satisfied a few easy and lucrative wishes:

I got myself back up to 3,718 points.

By that time, it was late enough to call Jon, so we spoke for about an hour before he had to leave for a sound check.

My Social need restored, I turned my attention to my garden. I was delighted to discover that both my Outstanding apple tree and my Outstanding tomato plant had produced Perfect produce,

so I unceremoniously ripped those 2 plants out and planted their respective Perfect produce in their place. In so doing, I reached Gardening Level 8!

With nothing left to do either at home or at the community garden, I headed across the street to an open area to look for rocks and gems.

I did pretty well finding space rocks,

and also caught a Monarch butterfly. (Not very valuable, but it was pretty.)

I walked a bit further to the windmill,

and found even more space rocks.

Not one gem, though.

I returned home and fertilized all of my less-than-Perfect plants,

and went back to the library.

While there, I spun a wish to grow a Flame Fruit bush, which initially confused me,

till I remembered that Gardenia had told me that those kinds of wishes generally show up if a gardener has an "Unknown" sprout at home. So, one of mine must be a Flame Fruit--yay!

I toughed it out till I reached Cooking Level 8,

then--my needs severely depleted again--I went home to sleep.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, when Grace maxes out her Cooking skill, but it takes nearly all her time. She's still got a few more Goals to achieve, and her Adult birthday is coming up fast.

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  1. The thought of unceremoniously ripping out an apple tree with your bare hands is rather amusing. Ah the things that are possible in the sim world that aren't in the real world. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for Grace that she finishes before her birthday.