Saturday, August 8, 2009

Grace Haven: Day 3

Tuesday morning I had a wish to go fishing before 6:00 a.m.,

so I roused myself and went just across the river from my lot.

I caught a goldfish,

and a red herring, and also reached Fishing Level 2, which meant that I could now use some of the produce that I had in my inventory as bait (but I still couldn't use any fish in my inventory as bait).

But Gardenia had counseled me not to get caught up in my early successes, and to keep my eye on the prize. "Remember," she'd said, "try to satisfy the Goals as soon as possible. Then you can be serious about starting a family while you're still young."

So, I left the riverbank and went by the community garden to harvest everything I could.

I even found a "rare" seed (Gardenia had told me to pick up all "rare" and "special" seeds, but to ignore "uncommon" seeds).

Once again I tanked my hygiene, and had to go to the gym to shower.

As long as I was there, I wandered upstairs to see what the exercise room looked like. (Not that I was actually planning to exercise; it was more like intellectual curiosity).

There was a nice-looking guy there, so I screwed up my courage and said hello.

His name is Jebediah Wilson, and I think he wants to be a doctor.

He went back to working out, and I brushed something off my shoulder, and noticed that he was doing the same. Maybe this means he has the Neat trait, like I do?

A little later, I talked to him again, and our conversation went well for a short while.

I found out he was single. (I can't believe I asked him that--I'm such a bad girl!)

But then, I mentioned children, and he cooled immediately.

Oh, well; better to know that now than find it out later.

I went back to the library, found a quiet back room in which to read, and reached Gardening Level 4,

then Gardening Level 5.

Gardenia advised me to stop reading gardening books once I reached Level 5, since she says all I need for the "Perfect Garden" LTW is to raise 8 Perfect plants and, at Gardening Level 5, there are 8 different plants I will be able to grow.

Though I would hate to stop reading about gardening, because I enjoy it so much, Gardenia reminded me again to "keep my eye on the prize". She also pointed out that I can now start studying Cooking.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, when Grace gets smarter about managing her wishes, cashes in some Lifetime Happiness points for her first reward, meets a man at the community garden, and another man at the library. And she spins a wish to flirt with the latter!

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  1. Grace is really moving right along in the challenge. Good thing she discovered that Jebediah doesn't seem too keen on kids before things went any further.