Friday, August 21, 2009

Grace Haven: Days 16 - 17

As my funds were so low (only $17!), I got up early on Monday to fish just off the warehouse.

That's a good spot for Angelfish (the bait for Deathfish, which fetches very high prices at the grocery) and, before 11:00 a.m., I had caught 10 Angelfish.

I turned my attention to my Lifetime Happiness points. I had 9,693,

so I needed just a few more for the Bookshop Bargainer reward, which would give me good discounts on all the recipes I needed to purchase and learn for the Challenge.

A new wish to garden was easily satisfied, though my tiny home garden didn't yet need any tending.

So, I went over to the community garden and harvested everything I could.

I was soon over 10,000 points,

and was able to purchase the Bookshop Bargainer reward. Happily, I headed to the bookstore.

I also had a wish to buy a cookbook.

I hoped this wish would be satisfied by buying one of the many recipes I needed, because I didn't see any point in paying for a cookbook that I could read at the library for free!

The next recipe on my list was the one for Fruit Parfait, which--even with a big discount--cost $150.

So, I sold all the produce I had harvested from the community garden, for a total of $351.

That gave me more than enough money to buy the recipe, but unfortunately buying the recipe didn't satisfy the wish to buy a Cooking Book.

Annoyed at the possibility of shelling out money needlessly, and being unwilling to do it unless it was absolutely necessary, I decided to hold off on that purchase and instead went to the library to read more of Cooking: Level 2.

But I was pretty tired, so was able to read for only a short time before I had to go home to bed.

I got up at 2:00 a.m. Tuesday, hungry and a bit smelly,

but with another easily satisfied wish to garden.

I just love it that that keeps happening!

While fertilizing my lime tree, I had a brainstorm on how to satisfy my "Buy a Cooking Book" wish as cheaply as possible.

I hurried to the bookstore, bought the least expensive cookbook (one that I had already read for free at the library) for $38,

collected the 250 Lifetime Happiness points,

and immediately sold the very same book back to the bookstore for $36.

So, for the tiny cash outlay of $2, I satisfied a 250-point wish!

In a great mood, I continued on to the library. Almost as soon as I resumed reading "Cooking Volume 2" I finished it and reached Cooking Level 6.

I spent the rest of the day at the library reading "Cooking Volume 3", and when I reached Cooking Level 7, decided to call it quits for the day and turn in early.

While, as a Bookworm, I read and learn pretty fast, it seems that it still takes me quite a bit of time to improve at the higher skill levels. I think my next reward should be the "Fast Learner" reward, though arguably that would have been more helpful earlier in the Challenge.

Back at my lot, although I was tired, I spun a wish to make the bed,

so I took care of that just to collect the points, then immediately got into bed and went to sleep.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, when Grace makes gains in gardening and cooking, and starts to make some money from collecting.


  1. Quite a productive two days for Grace. Did she manage to go catch the deathfish for the money as she was planning?

  2. Not for a couple of days yet. Fortunately, Angelfish seem to last indefinitely in the inventory (which surprises me). It seems to be only prepared dishes that go bad.