Monday, August 24, 2009

Grace Haven: Days 21 - 22

While I slept Saturday morning, my Perfect apple tree finally reached maturity.

Good thing, too, because I've been dragging around a wish to grow Perfect apples for quite a while now. I guess I'll have a harvest--and get the 2,250 Lifetime Happiness points--pretty soon.

I arose a bit before 8:00 a.m.,

and found to my delight that I had a Perfect grape harvest!

After tending my garden, I went to the library to read more recipes. Of course I could read at home, but I read so much faster at the library.

Over a period of hours, I learned how to make Fruit Parfait,

Cheesesteak, and Cobbler.

Since those were all the recipes I had in my inventory, I needed to purchase more recipes, but didn't have enough money. I checked my inventory, but there wasn't much to sell, besides a Monarch butterfly that brought me a whopping $8.

I considered selling my lone Piranha, but found that I would get only $32 for it.

Since it's the preferred bait of the pricey Robot Fish, I opted instead to fish near the Science Facility.

Using only 1 Piranha, I managed to catch 4 Robot Fish and 1 Vampire Fish.

So, I went to the grocery and sold the 3 Robot Fish and some of my Perfect grape harvest,

which gave me enough money to afford the Eggs Machiavellian recipe,

which I then took back to the library to learn.

I decided to call it a day and, on my way home, stopped again at the grocery and sold the Vampire Fish and the remaining Robot Fish.

I also stopped by the community garden to harvest what I could,

and went to bed before 9:00 p.m. Gardenia would be so proud!

I got up Sunday morning before 7:00,

and tended my garden,

including upgrading my potato vine to Outstanding.

I went to the grocery to sell my own produce, and the produce that I'd gotten from the community garden last night,

for a total of $328.

This earned me enough money to afford two new recipes,

which I promptly went to the library to learn.

I'd resolved to get to bed early again, but stopped at the community garden on my way home to harvest anything else that was now available,

and dashed back to the grocery to sell it all,

for $271.

While coming out of the grocery this second time, I ran into someone named Lydia Pearl, who informed me that she lives with Jon. Not sure what exactly that means--Jon has said he has several roommates and hangers-on living with him--but I thought she was just obnoxious--

--and I've become a pretty good judge of character, if I do say so myself.

I know Jon loves me, and that we're getting married as soon as I finish the GAC Challenge, so I've just decided not even to wonder about Lydia. (Also, I think she was trying to annoy me, so I'm not going to give her the satisfaction.)

So, I just cleaned up my lot,

and went to bed at 9:30 p.m.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, when Grace finally uses the many accumulated Angelfish in her inventory to make some real money, since she still needs to buy a couple of really expensive recipes.


  1. Good job with the recipes. How close is she to the Perfect Garden now?

  2. Not very close, unfortunately. She's had some Perfect produce from her own plants, but several of her plants are still only Excellent. AAAAARG!!!