Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grace Haven: Day 7

I'm embarrassed to say that I slept till late morning on Saturday. When I (finally) got up, I went to the gym to use the facilities. There were a fair number of guys there, so I steeled my nerve and went to say hello to each of them in turn and have a brief chat (of course, if one of them turned out okay, I would spend more time with him). Unfortunately, none of them were promising.

The first two were still in high school--both Bob Newbie,

and Daniel Wang.

The third one, Rainer Knowling, was a Mooch.

The fourth one, Larry Cooper, was both Mean Spirited AND evil.

The fifth one, Trevor Magee, was a Loner.

I gave up for the day on finding a potential husband and returned home. I harvested my Nice grapevine (grapes take so long from planting to harvest!), then uprooted it and replaced it by planting Very Nice grapes (from today's harvest).

I went to harvest the community garden, intending (at some point) to sell the produce; I'm trying to save up for first a shower and then a toilet of my own. (I figure I can still get by with the community garden's toilet for a while longer, since it's just on the next block.)

There was a lot of produce to harvest, so that took me till the evening.

I spun a wish to catch a blowfish,

so figured I'd head back to the hatchery. Before I left I used the toilet at the community garden and, on my way out, I passed behind Norman Joy (the "Never Nude" guy). He was talking to someone, perhaps his wife, and I didn't say hello because I didn't want to get involved in another weird conversation.

At the hatchery, I caught a blowfish and so satisfied that wish,

and the 350 Lifetime Happiness points I got as a result brought my total back up to 6,273.

(I guess I'll get the required Super Green Thumb reward next, since I'm trying to finish the GAC Challenge as soon as possible so that I can start a family. Of course, I still have to find a husband....)

I also caught a salmon--another new type of fish for me--

and (I think) a tuna.

I spun a wish to Catch 5 Blowfish, worth 300 points,

and worked on it for quite a while, but wasn't able to fulfill it.

I finally went home and to bed about 6 a.m. Sunday, exhausted.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, when Grace gets a confusing wish, meets a new guy, calls back one guy she's already met (and sort of asks him out), gains another couple of skill levels, and investigates whether the Book Club will do her any good with the GAC Challenge.

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