Sunday, August 9, 2009

Grace Haven: Day 4

Wednesday before dawn when I got up, I spun a wish to make my bed, which wish was worth 250 Lifetime Happiness points.

I love it when stuff like that happens, because, since I'm Neat, I had planned to make the bed anyway....

While tending my tiny garden, I got a wish to harvest a wild plant, which I figured would be easily satisfied at the community garden, so I headed there.

I had another wish to find some seeds, which wish could also be satisfied at the community garden.

I was really racking up the Lifetime Happiness points! I got another wish, to talk about gardening, so I sought out the only man on the premises (even though I thought he looked too old for me).

His name was Norman Joy, but I couldn't find a way to "Talk About Gardening" with him, so I tried starting with "Get To Know" him. After only a couple of minutes of conversation, though, he revealed to me that one of his traits was "Never Nude".

Way too much information, as far as I'm concerned!

Even after finding out that nugget, I still couldn't manage to talk to him about gardening. I tried enthusing about the outdoors, but he hated that.

What on earth was this guy doing outdoors at a community garden, then?

I gave up, and went back to harvesting plants.

In doing so, I amassed enough Lifetime Happiness points to redeem one of the cheaper rewards.

If it had been up to me, I would have waited to amass 20,000 points and gotten the Super Green Thumb reward, but Gardenia was adamant that I should start looking for a husband. So, I picked the Observant reward, which will help me discover others' traits more quickly.

I cleaned myself up at the gym,

and went to the library to do some reading on Cooking, both to satisfy a wish and because I needed to learn to cook for the GAC Challenge.

I sat down in the corner with my book, and tried to concentrate on my study, and not on the hunky serviceman sitting in front of me. (Grace, you're so bad!)

But once I reached Cooking Level 1 and got my Lifetime Happiness points, I gave up and went over and introduced myself.

I then spun a wish to flirt with this guy! (His name was Sherman Bagley.)

I was horrified, but I did as well as I could. I started slow, just getting to know him. I found out that he was Friendly, Lucky, and a Coward. (So why was this guy in the military?)

I also found out that he was single,

but when I tried to talk about family, he was unresponsive. Perhaps he was too hungry to talk to me?

I found out he wasn't involved with anyone. (Maybe there's a reason?)

Undaunted (Grace, you're so brave!), I tried flirting again, and this time I at least got my Lifetime Happiness points, even if I didn't really get anywhere with Sherman.

We said goodbye, and I stopped by the grocery on the way home, to sell some extra produce,

and buy some more links.

I headed home to bed,

but suddenly got a wish to buy something that cost at least $100.

I didn't really need anything, but the wish was worth 350 Lifetime Happiness points, which is considerable. So, I decided to get some outdoor lighting. (After all, my garden will eventually be big enough that the light from that one streetlamp won't be enough for me to garden at night, if necessary.)

I briefly considered a light that cost $100 exactly,

but in the end I opted for one that was more attractive--something I wouldn't be embarrassed to have in the garden of the nice house I'm increasingly sure I will eventually have.

I put the light near my (currently) tiny garden, and went to bed.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, when Grace plants the other 4 plants she needs to work toward her Perfect Garden, gets her first home harvest, improves her fishing, steers clear of one guy, and bravely flirts with another.

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  1. Observant is the reward I always try to get first for my sims that need to be very social. It's a big help, especially when you're trying to find someone compatible.