Friday, August 14, 2009

Grace Haven: Day 9

Monday morning while I slept, my tomato plant again produced fruit,

so I fulfilled my "Grow Ingredients for Ratatouille" wish. My Lifetime Happiness points were back up to 7,003.

I harvested my garden,

and, since I'd left the sprinkler off for nearly a whole day, my plants were dry enough that I could water them by hand,

which fulfilled another wish and got me a few hundred more points.

I saw a guy walk past, so I hurriedly got dressed and went across the street to introduce myself.

That was a waste of time--and worse! His name was Tom Shallow, and he was Neurotic (in addition to a Perfectionist and Neat).

A severe-looking woman joined us; it turned out she was Tom's wife, June Shallow.

She seemed a little suspicious that I was talking to her husband, so I quickly ended the conversation as politely as I could and crossed the street back to my lot.

Shortly after that, Tom kicked over my trashcan! I asked him why, and he said that I'd gotten him in trouble with his wife, who was the jealous type.

So, I promised him I would never speak to him again. (As if I'd been planning to, anyway!)

I tried to shake off my thoughts about that unpleasant encounter, and got a wish to buy a new recipe (even though I still had one recipe in my inventory that I hadn't yet learned).

Good--that will keep my mind off of the Shallows.

I went to the bookstore,

and bought the recipe for Cookies.

It cost $100. Boy, do I wish the Book Club worked for recipes!

After leaving the bookstore, I walked around town a bit, just to see what else was there. As I was walking by the Sunflower Spa, my cellphone rang. It was Jon Lessen! I was so happy that he called me that, while I was on the phone with him, I thought I saw him standing only a few feet away on the sidewalk.

I must have been hallucinating....

I went to the library, and introduced myself to Luke McDermott (who I think was there with his little boy). He was interesting enough--he Loves the Outdoors and is a Daredevil, but also Can't Stand Art (and I've heard that those people don't enjoy nicely decorated lots, and so can be difficult to live with).

He was in a relationship with someone named Ginny, anyway, so he wasn't a possibility.

I sat down and learned the Fish and Chips recipe,

and got 350 points for that.

Since I still had a fair amount of energy, I went down to the southernmost bridge and fished.

I had a very good night--I got to Fishing Level 6,

and caught several new fish--a Piranha (ugliest thing I've ever seen--uglier even than the blowfish),

a Black Goldfish,

a Shark (which was pretty scary looking).

and an Angelfish.

I didn't get to bed till 5:30 a.m.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, when Grace tries (and fails) to get on an earlier schedule, she meets yet another ineligible guy at the gym, and almost finishes the Amateur Ichthyologist sub-challenge--but one "Unknown Fish" still eludes her. (Calling Captain Ahab, calling Captain Ahab....)

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  1. Congrats to Grace on being almost finished with the Amateur Ichthyologist challenge. She should have that one in the bag before too much longer it looks like.