Sunday, August 23, 2009

Grace Haven: Days 19 - 20

Thursday morning I woke up very hungry.

I ate some produce from my inventory, and sat down to read the paper, which was fairly boring,

except that I found out that there was a new baby girl in that family whose garlic I always steal.

I got a message that there was a 15% off sale at the bookstore,

but I wasn't sure whether that meant I would get any discount additional to what I get via my Bookstore Bargainer reward.

Because the only place I can sit and read is my toilet, I priced a nice armchair,

but decided it was way too expensive for me right now. (I still have so many recipes to buy!)

I was committed to mastering Cooking as soon as possible, so went back to the library. I was very surprised to find Jon Lessen there--

he gave me a quick wave and told me he didn't want to disturb my studying. This guy is so good!

I sat down to continue reading "Cooking Vol. 3",

and in several hours got to Cooking Level 9.

I tried to keep going, but I had barely made a dent in my Level 10 study before I had to eat something out of my backpack,

and go home to sleep.

I got up before 8:00 a.m. on Friday, starved again--this is getting to be an unfortunate habit!

I harvested my garden, and ate some of the produce,

including watering my plants (I'd had a wish to do so, so I'd left the sprinklers off for a day).

I upgraded my Very Nice onion plant to Great,

and returned to the library. I met a nice older guy named Rocky Guthrie--he's Brave, Frugal, and a Perfectionist.

I sat down to resume reading "Cooking Volume 3", finished it (finally!) and maxed out my Cooking skill!

(I was in the bathroom when this picture was taken....) Now all I have to do is read and learn all those recipes!

I went home to sleep before 2:00 a.m.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, when Grace gets another Perfect harvest, learns a lot of recipes, makes some money from fishing, and runs into an annoying woman who allegedly lives with Grace's fiance.


  1. Congratulations on the maxed cooking skill. So what does that leave now? Just the recipes and fulfilling the Perfect Garden LTW?

  2. 'this picture was taken while I was in the bathroom'.. LOL Love it!

  3. Hah, Ruby--I thought I had to say SOMETHING, because for the life of me I couldn't remember why I'd taken that picture (instead of one with Grace looking triumphant, or exhausted, or something). I guess she really had to go!

    Ndayeni, that's right, but the Perfect Garden takes soooooo long, even with Grace's strategy of having only 1 plant of each of the easiest types (that is the 8 that are plantable by a Level 5 gardener).

    I think my new strategy (for next time, which I probably won't blog) will be to have the Sim be Perfectionist, Green Thumb, Loves the Outdoors, Bookworm, and maybe Angler. And I will have her get the Super Green Thumb reward first. And--and here's my latest brainstorm--I will have her search the outlying areas for higher-quality seeds with which to start her garden. Even if she spends the entire first week not planting anything, but just reading at the library to get to Gardening Level 5 and out raiding other people's gardens (such as the very good Carpenter-Rhodes garden) and looking for seeds in remote areas, starting with Very Nice or Excellent seeds at the beginning of her second week MIGHT just make it possible to finish the GAC Challenge in less than 3 weeks.