Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Haven-Lessens: Marriage and Family, Part 1

The first thing I did after achieving my Lifetime Wish of the Perfect Garden was to purchase the Collection Helper reward (because I got sooooo many points for getting my LTW!).

I chose that reward not because I wanted to be rich, but because my husband-to-be was already an Elder, and I myself was only 4 days from elder, and I had no Life Fruit plants and no other way to buy myself enough time to have several children.

So, I set my new Collection Helper to "Seeds", and went out looking for Special Seeds (which Gardenia had told me should include Life Fruit seeds).

The Collection Helper drew me to the graveyard,

and to the riverbank near my house,

where I picked up quite a few Special seeds.

Back at home, I called up my fiance, Jon Lessen, and asked him to come by.

We got married Tuesday morning in my front yard, all by ourselves, with only my plants as witnesses.

Though Jon used to live in a half-million-dollar house, he'd recently been kicked out of it, so he moved in with me.

Though everyone in town had told me that Jon was rich, he actually brought only $2,384 to our new household when he officially moved in.

Though that was less than I expected, I don't care, because I'm soooooo much in love!!!

Here's what we know about Jon (his bio, and his Traits and Favorites):

As soon as we got married, we went to relax in the bedroom. Jon's cellphone rang.

"Are you going to answer that?" I asked.

He turned to me and smiled his wonderful, heart-melting smile. "Nahhhhh!" he said.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, for the first baby!